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Femunden is a large lake that extends 60 kilometres northward from its lower end in Hedmark to Nordvika and well into Sør-Trøndelag county. In the middle of the lake, you feel you are at sea, not 662 metres above it. With an area of 201 square kilometres, it's Norway's third largest lake. The lake has given its name to the vast forests and plateaus that surround it and extend toward the Swedish border.

The vast Femunden

For generations, Femundsmarka has attracted hunters, fishermen, hikers and canoeists. There's an aura of wilderness in the name even today, with T-marked trails and comfortable cabins. Femundsmarka smells of bonfires and resin, and you might still spot a predator among the slow-growing, gnarled pines. But on the whole, this wilderness is benign.

For a break from hiking, take a trip on the Femund II motor launch that still sails the lake between Synnervika up north and Elgå and Femundsenden down south. By taking the boat, you can skip the longest stretches or choose another starting point for a wilderness hike. If you canoe down the Røa watercourse, you can take your canoe on board the boat to skip the long and exposed paddle on Femunden. If you're on a cycle trip, you can take your cycle on board after having cycled in to Svukuriset.

Most popular routes:
Elgå to Svukuriset and Revlingen to Svukuriset, Røros-Marenvollen and Langen-Ljøsnåvollen.

Good starting points:
Elgå, Grövelsjön, Jonasvollen/Revlingen, Langen, Valldalen, Synnervika, Røros and Tynset.

In addition to the 1:50,000 scale main series, there is a 1:100,000 trekking map of Femunden (2002) that lacks the route to Narjordet. And the Swedish Lantmäteriet mountain maps W1 Grödsjön-Lofsdalen, 28 Helags-Funäsdale-Rogen, W51 Grövelsjön and 259 Rogen.

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